Track and manage every event detail for efficient, effective planning and execution

Event Software

  • Organize item procurement and track bidders, donors, and registration
  • Easily assign bidder tables and move people around to their final location
  • Keep track of item location, solicitor, certificate status, and much more
  • Donor, procurement and related information is stored for future events, making it easier to forecast and plan
  • Access via the Web or desktop with multi-user capabilities
  • Easily creates auction catalogs, bid sheets, detailed receipts, letters and other materials
  • Build in Mail Merge feature that makes sending thank you letters easier
  • Patented barcode materials allow for quick, accurate final invoicing and event processing
  • Provide professional itemized invoices
  • Event analysis provides tools for fiscal planning and improvements
  • Generate detailed event statistics reports
  • Import bidder, item, and or donor data from CSV files
  • Export any data to type CSV files